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Tammy encore


So we just left this beautiful area on Wednesday. The appartment we rented was in the heart of the old town of Annecy.

The weather is still so hot even up here! We found out that the big attraction to Annecy besides the charming old town was the lake. Well what goes better with hot weather than a lake. It was quite beautiful albeit packed with tourists but we managed to find our little piece of the lake to navigate and swim in while admiring the view of the alps around us. There is one public beach ( packed!) and one private beach ( party place) so we opted to rent the pedal boats. The rental companies are lined up choc a block along the “cement shore” and are even willing to rent you speed boats without a license 😉

We really enjoyed ourselves and kept on with the swimming theme we have come to enjoy this trip- the kids need it and love it and it is so warm that water each day is essential!

One day we took a trip to our beloved Chamonix. Ron and I stayed here back in 2003 and just loved it. It is about an hours drive from Annecy. We went up the cable car to Aguille du midi again. You will see how amazing it is up there by the pictures. I am a bit more wimpy than the rest and I sat and sunned myself on a viewing deck while the others explored. The altitude really affects me (feels like a really really bad hangover) I love the view nonetheless and the experience is not to be missed. Of course, we arrived during the busiest time of the day and we were like cattle being prodded into little cars (max 65 people per car and we were maxed both ways!) sigh… I did pretty well tho…no freak outs ! LOL

Ron and I finally had Raclette. We first discovered it in Chamonix while enjoying cheese fondue. We have always wondered what it was like so we went for it. It was very yummy and fun but in the end we decided we still like the fondue the best. We had a wonderful (late night) fondue in Annecy one night- so good.

So not everything is roses…lets be honest but we are managing it all just fine. Amongst a few other things we discovered our company credit card had been compromised. We realized it at the end of our Nice stay but it was going into Canada long week-end and our cell coverage didn’t include international coverage.

We arrived in Annecy to find little or no cell service and no internet available. Normally I would rejoice but in this case it was pretty frustrating.

When we reached Colmar Wednesday we were finally able to call Visa and cancel the card.

Trying to catch up with posts so I will end here and share some great pictures of our Annecy ( and area) stay.