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London calling


We are having a great time London.

But…we are a bit tired and worn down and ready to come home…I think ?

Yesterday was an amazing day at the Harry Potter Studios. We started out on a package we booked before we left. It takes you out there and gives you a ticket for entry and then takes you home. Well long story short they didn’t give us enough time at the museum so 45 minutes before we were scheduled to leave we called the company and said tell your bus driver we ain’t coming back with you….we need more time!!!

So instead  of leaving at 3:20pm we left at 5:40pm ish. We stayed for at least 5 hours in the exhibit- it was that amazing! Even if you watched the movies only once ( instead of a dozen times each…at least)    You would still get so much out of this exhibit.. Love love love

This 5+ hours also included the outrageously priced ( specially for Canadians) gift shop because that in itself was also like a museum. They had so many wands to pick from and you know you have to test the wand first to be sure it’s right for you?

Today we we went to the Tower of London and Tower bridge after a long trip around the city by bus. We are using a London pass plus Oyster card for three days now and so we started the day with a hop on hop off bus.