Bonjour mes amis,


I really enjoyed Bonnieux. In Bonnieux we went to a market that was really cool. There were people selling fresh lavender, soap, spices, fruit, vegetables, meat, jewelry, clothes and lots more stuff!!! It was sooo cool! I went to a boulangerie (bakery) with my dad one morning and we bought fresh baguettes and croissants! They tasted really good. Bonnieux is is a very cute little hill town.

Other Luberon villages

Gordes was a cute village that looked similar to Bonnieux except its a bit bigger and a lot busier  it also has a chateau.

L’isle sur la sorgue was a cute town to. we went to a huge market there. they had everything that the market in Bonnieux had and lots more! we also saw lots of old water wheels all over the town.

Lacoste is a small village that we could see from the top of Bonnieux. it also has  a very beautiful and historic chateau. I could see the whole valley from the veiw point near the chateau.


We went swimming in two different spots while we were staying in Bonnieux. One was a really nice lake called Etang de la bond. it was a lovely lake but it had lots of people on the ( very rocky)beach.we also went swimming in the river that runs under the Pont du garde. It was also a very nice (but rocky)swimming spot.

Historic sights

Pont du gard is a really old Roman aqueduct that runs over a river. it is still fully intact and you can even walk across it. It is really huge. We also went to the museum that was also on the grounds. It was really interesting and really amazing.

Nimes is a really cool city that has an old and well preserved Roman amphitheater and a Roman temple as well. both looked really old but still very much intact.

Village des Bories is an amazing historic monument. It used to be a really really old french village. Its so old that no one could live in it. The whole village is made of foot long pieces of limestone stacked on top of one another to make houses! It as sooo cool!!!!!!


I have been taking pictures of almost every single door that i find cool. I actually have a couple really cool ones now and i will keep taking pictures of all the cool doors that i see on this trip.